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[Essay] By the time we moved... by Amos Lee

이충원lMarch 31, 2015l Hit 2140


In celebration of our grand moving project, I wrote a poem, which I am improvising right now. It’s not good, but I hope you enjoy J


-Famous Amos



By the time we moved

                                                                          Amos Lee


By the time we moved,

Amongst the smell of the paint and the carcinogen we intake,

I would smell new excitement, see new collaborations,

New hope, new desire,

An innovation flowering between them.


By the time we moved,

I would ride a bicycle, for the first time of my life,

Unnaturally, with naïve but passionate steps,

Against the air, blurring my sights.


But I would still smile,

For the air cannot hinder my dreams,

Against my colleagues, who stand side by side.


By the time we moved,

We would let go of March, and dance with April,

But would not forget her, how this Spring began,

Everytime the moonlight shines upon the surface of our soju glasses.


By the time we moved,

Amongst the smell of the deco trees and new furniture we appreciate,

I would smell new enthusiasm, see new collaborations,

New delights, new ideas,

A bright spring flowering between them.



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