Low Cost DNA synthesis

Low Cost DNA synthesis
We synthesize DNA oligo with a completely different approach. It relies on optomechanical retrieval of error-free strands from a largely error-prone oligo pool. This purification method is extremely cheap and fast. We apply this enabling technique to synthesizing larger DNA genes and DNA circuits.
Sniper Cloning
We propose ‘Sniper Cloning’ which enables the precise mapping of target clone features on NGS platforms and non-contact rapid retrieval of targets for full utilization of huge number of clones. By merging the three cutting-edge technologies of NGS, DNA microarray and our pulse laser retrieval system. It potentiates in serving as a universal tool for DNA writing in biological sciences.

 Howon Lee, Hyoki Kim, Sungsik Kim, Taehoon Ryu, Hwangbeom Kim, Sunghoon Kwon, Duhee Bang, "Sniper Cloning: A high-throughput optomechanical retrieval method for sequence-verified clonal DNA from NGS platform", Nature Communicationsvolume 6, 2015 [PDF]