Rapid Drug Susceptibility Test

Rapid Drug Susceptibility Test
Drug Susceptibility Test
The conventional Drug Susceptibility Test (DST) is based on naked eye detection and takes about 4~6weeks to obtain DST results. In comparison, our Disk Agarose Channel (DAC) chip uses single cell tracking and provides accurate results in only 4 days. A treatment based on a rapid and accurate DST will improve outcomes for TB patients and reduce transmission of TB. 
Antibiotic Susceptibility Test
We demonstrate a microfluidic agarose channel (MAC) system that reduces the AST assay time for determining MICs by single bacterial time lapse imaging. In single-cell tracking using a microscope, changes in bacterial cells can be detected as soon as cells divide, so antibiotic susceptibility can be determined in 3~4 hours compared to 16 hours when using conventional OD measurement. Rapid AST in microbiology laboratories can have a major impact on the care and outcome of hospitalized patients with infections that require curative antibiotic treatments.

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